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About Us Handaz

Handaz is a team of highly skilled Architects, Civil Engineers and Software Developers who aim to play a profound role in shaping the new paradigm of AEC industry. There is a gap between Technology and the AEC industry. Our Goal is bridging this gap by providing products and services that boost the efficiency of AEC processes and automate the manual, error-prone tasks involved; thus increasing Productivity and Quality, while reducing Time and Cost of the overall process.

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Phone: (002) 01025712200

Phone: (002) 01026623085

  • Address: Smart Village, B5 Alexandria Desert Rd, Giza Governorate 12577
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Supporting the Academic Community

Through the Handaz Academic Community, you can take advantage of a variety of tools and resources in the Academic Program. We are committed to help prepare students for tomorrow's AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) workforce, so you can learn the same powerful applications that are in use by AEC professionals today.

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  • If you are an educator, contact Handaz for an Academic SELECT Subscription so that you can take full advantage of the resources
  • If you are a student, request your School Code from your professor or academic advisor.
  • If you don't have a code available, contact us and we will respond as soon as possible to get you connected.

Our Services

BIM consulting

We deliver BIM (Building Information Modeling) services to enhance building design, engineering, and construction processes while enabling the collaboration between project’s stakeholders.

Engineering Informatics

We develop solutions to automate the manual tasks involved in the AEC processes. We build standalone desktop applications, web applications, and plugins to enhance your productivity.


We provide training and workshops for BIM and Engineering Informatics related topics.

The New Way to success. advance. progress.

Join Handaz, where our colleagues are our most valuable asset and drive the success of the company! Work with us in a casual, but professional, supportive and collaborative environment coupled with competitive compensation and generous benefits.

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Your model remains private. You decide who you want to share it with and no one can download your IFC file only in your paid account.
Move around the model using your mouse or keyboard. You can walk inside the model.
There is no installation. It's just that simple! Just make sure that your device has a modern web browser with support for WebGL
Handaz-CAD2BIM provides support for IFC 2x3 and zipped IFC 2x3 files. Device Easy sharing Just send a link to your client or your mate. You can also share it with your friends on Facebook, your colleagues on Linkedin etc…